Elite dancing – Highest level in dancing.

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Elite Dancing - Couple's dancing for kids:

Elite dancing has roots in the Latin American dances and Ballroom dances. For children and teenagers its the international competitive dances that is taught.

Disse er: Vals, Tango, Wienervals, Slowfox, Quickstep, Cha cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble & Jive. Here the focus is on their development as dancers.

It is important for us that the kids have fun while dancing, but that they, through elite dancing, at the same time feel a development in their dance technical skills.
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In the dance-teaching, we look at where the child is and use the dance tools to strengthen the child's development in the social, empathetic and physical abilities.
We have experienced over the past 25 years, that dance in its own unique way, helps improve precisely these skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Elite dance, where rhythm and speed are the main elements, is also a big contribution to gain these skills.

With elite dancing the couples have the opportunity to compete among several competitions e.g. Zealand Cup and Denmark Championship, which offers the very best couples in Denmark.


The social aspect is an important part of the dance.

It is important for us to teach the children the message "lose and win with the same spirit." In this way, all come and go from a tournament in elite dancing, as well as other disciplines in a good mood.

In elite dancing you are in a partnership, and it is important that things work between the two persons in the couple. We are therefore looking closely at every couple individually, to make sure that everyone has a good time together. This can only be achieved through open dialogue between teachers, parents and children themselves.

We look forward to seeing your children in the studio and watch their development towards their goals and dreams. Elite dancing is not the only way, but it tends to strengthen other social and professional skills.

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