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NEW! Summer dancing in Skagen all of July 2023.
Tuesdays and Thursdays in week 27, 28 and 29, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday in week 30.
Read more and book here. 

The new and revised program for 2023/2024 is now online and
open for registration. We start after summer August 7, 2023.


A dance studio in Copenhagen, filled with fellowship!

At Soffie Dance Studio, we enjoy sharing our dancing pleasure, learning and dancing experiences.

It is our goal that you as a student in our dance school, feel well treated with respect for the individual and the community.

With empathy, curiosity and presence we train our students to become better dancers, learn about their own possibilities and limitations and better at being a whole person.

We look forward to seeing you all to dance in the near future. Soffie and Jesper Dalsgaard and the rest of the instructor team is ready to welcome you all to pleasant experiences with dance in the capital!


We offer dance in Copenhagen for both children and adults!

ungt par danser flot 

At our dance studio in Copenhagen, we offer dance classes in many different styles. Among Latin and ballroom dances of all ages and levels.

Read about Children Dance, Ballroom dancing and sports Dance. Additionally, we offer training in a variety of styles including Hip-Hop, Show Dance, Disco, Jitterbug, Salsa, Argentine Tango and Wheelchair Dance.

Learn about the different styles by clicking on the links above or read about selected dance styles including:

Jitterbug – An exciting dance!

Jitterbug is a relatively new dance style which came to Denmark shortly before the second World War, but first really became popular after the war.

Dansetten in Tivoli was in 1948-68 for example, a very popular place for young people to dance the Jitterbug.

We also have the Jitterbuggen in our program of dance classes at our dance studio in Copenhagen and we do our best to spread the wild youth atmosphere implying that time, such long ago.


Dance lessons in Copenhagen: Students create the mood!

The dance teachers try create as much of the mood to frame the attitude that fits exactly to the dance, as practiced.

At the same time, the involvement of students in the dance classes a big way to make the experience so much better.


Salsa dance in Copenhagen: A sensual approach to dance!

Salsa is a collection of different styles of Latin dance.

The collection comes from the 1930s and the dance has over over time become insanely popular worldwide and there for its also become part of our range of dances in Copenhagen.
Salsa Copenhagen: Through our dance classes, adult beginners get the opportunity to dance this sensual and exciting dance for almost an hour each week.

The dance requires a partner and is technically challenging, sensual and fun to learn. So come and join us for a sensual dance with Salsa Copenhagen at Soffie!


Argentine Tango - Beautiful and sensual experience.

The Argentine tango was first discovered in the 1800s, but really started to gain ground in the early 1900s.

Unlike European tango, Argentine tango is improvised and there is frequent change of pace, making the dance more variable and floating, but also more challenging.
See the program for our tango lessons and other classes at our studio in Copenhagen here.
Today it is one of the most popular dances, which is also why it is part of our dance classes, at our dance studio in the capital.


Wheelchair Dancing - never let you limit, come and join us!

Wheelchair Dance is one of our more special types of dance where both juniors and adults together dancing all over the world dancing to great music.

Generally our experience is that the dancers doing wheelchair dancing enjoy it. Dance in Copenhagen has never been more wide / option rewarding. Soffie Dalsgaard and all of us love it and look forward to welcoming you all at Soffie Dance Studio.

Dance Studio Copenhagen: Come and join us! 

Would you like to sign up for a team at our dance school and thus become part of the wildly exciting dance lessons in Copenhagen?

So watch our program and contact us if you have any questions or if you want to be a part of our studio!