Soffie Dalsgaard er altid klar med et foredrag til dig

Lecture with Soffie Dalsgaard 


I have not written a book yet .... !!!!
However, I have something to say anyway !!!!

Who are we?
Where and what did we come from?
Is life as we want it?

I'm grown up now - 50 years - and has reached the point in life where I will have to take responsibility. I have long known what I wanted, now I have just become ready even to stand up for it.

So I hope you will hear a little about my childhood and how I have come
by the day, despite the fact that sometimes it would have been easier to give up.

Together perhaps we can find out if we can make a difference for all who need to be seen, where they are in their lives. We dare to be curious enough to find good solutions, where it just can be seen that there is something wrong.

You do not live life as a victim. There is much in life that would have been the same anyway without victimization.

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Susanne Soffie Dalagaard born the 3. november 1966 
Only child, Soffie Dalgaard danced since 1968
Victims of incest from 1973 - 1982
Educated Jazz instructor 1984  
Moved to London at the age of 18 years. 
Came back to Denmark in 1988
Met my first husband in 1989 
Police reported my father for incest 1990 
Mother for the first time in October 1990
Opened dance studio in 1992  
Married for the first time in 1994
Moves dance studio to new premises in 1995
Starts dance career with Jesper in 1995
Are a couple with Jesper in December 1995 
Seperation starts in the beginning of 1996
Dance Career with Jesper starts in earnest in 1997 and takes off up to 2003
Married with Jesper 2000 
Mother for the second time in June 2004
Contributing to TV2 program Vild Med Dans for the first time February 2005.
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