Children's Dance:
Be matured with children dancing in Copenhagen

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At Soffie Dance Studio, we teach children in dance already from 1½ years of age. We have over 25 years experience, developed a unique approach in which children in the first 2-3 months participating in the children dance with their parents, then they naturally prefer to be alone with the other children and dance teachers. It's just about creating security through children's dance and the fun together.
Børnedans når det er bedst. 

"It is important for us to see where the child is and with the parents using dance as a tool to strengthen the child in its development"

We focus on the child's social, empathetic and physical abilities. Our experience over the years has shown that dance in its own unique way, in the early years of the child's life, manages to focus on just that.

These are properties that help the child in its further development, both physically and mentally, especially when they start in school.


Parents are part of the dance classes


Each new season, when dancing lessons begin, we attach great importance about parents being a part of the dance classes, because our experience tells us that it has a major positive impact on the child's participation.

When mom and dad are joining, we can see over and over again that the children's results and development are getting better, they become more courageous and will be easier to teach and quicker gain a good relationship with other kids on the team. So although it is children dance, we always encourage the parents to be a part of the dance classes in the beginning.
de små danser så flot 

After the start of the season and when the children has danced a few times, we begin to slowly wean them that it is okay to dance, even if mom and dad are not there. Then parents can look once a month in the last 10 minutes of a dance class.

During the dance season, we hold small dance displays, resulting in a dance show at the end of the dance season. Here, the children show what they have learned in dance class.
It is always a great experience for both kids and parents. You as a parent get to see what your child has learned in the dance classes and to see how happy the kids are and how much fun they are having while they dance.

Happy children makes happy parents. And dance make children happy. With us, the children learn to dance in a safe environment, they become more mature and courageous, and have fun while they do it. Give your children the experience - let them dance.