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Couples Dancing – It takes two to Tango. 
Our lessons in ballroom dancing in Copenhagen is based on the most suitable dances and in developing dance joy and dancing ability in the best and quickest way.

We teach both the Latinamerican- and Ballroom dances and more socially useful dance that can be danced to most modern pop music. Our dance lessons are structured inter-related, so what you learn in one dance you can also use in other dances.
fantastiske unge mennesker danser pardans 

As a man you will quickly experiencing a great survey so you'll be able to set the different steps  together. This will give you the ability to lead the lady more quickly.

It is a great joy for both parties: the couple's dancing in its essence is about the man leading and the woman following. It's like learning a new language, just with the body instead of the vocal cords. It is a non verbal conversation, a dialogue in which you listen to each other and react to it.

As a woman you will find that you need to be patience. First, your male partner has to learn some basic steps, so it will be possible to execute without thinking and can be performed with very little concentration. It requires many repetitions. 


It's hard, but fantastic to let it go!


It takes a strong woman to dare to let go and let him explore the couple's dance options without interference or opinions. But then the woman will get an exciting new experience. The lady will quickly experience that he will take control and leadership of the dance.

When you are led competent and safely around the floor, you will get hooked on the feeling.
 meget elegant pardans

If you are together in your private life, there may be a new understanding between each other. Couples Dance can kick new life into a relationship or give you the confidence to meet other on the dance floor. It's hard not to be happy when you dance - come to the couple's dance in Copenhagen with us and try it for yourself.

New experiences await you who take the most difficult step of all - the steps that lead you into the door at the dance studio the first time. Therefrom you'll be in good hands and we ensure that you'll get a good dance experience.

Our courses in ballroom dancing in Copenhagen are offered at three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Do not hold back - We have definitely a level and class that suits you!

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